Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's a girl...

On Madelynn's actual birthday we went to the doctor and found out we are having another girl.  Well, the tech felt very confident to say it was a girl, although she could not get a good view.  Madelynn is very excited to be a big sister and can't wait to teach her how to play.
After the appointment we went out with the grandparents to Chili's for lunch (we took Madelynn here on our way home from the hospital so we thought it was a good place to go for her birthday.

Here she is showing us how good she is at being 3.  It is amazing, it took very little practice.  Well, it had been a very long day already. 
Since finding out she was having a sister she has decided that we should name her Snow White so she can be Snow White's sister.  Seems logical.  I can't wait to see my girls together.  We are very excited and having fun getting ready for her arrival.