Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So this is why I do this...

So it is no secret that my students are very, VERY, difficult this year. I had the same group last year because I taught 7th grade science and now I teach 8th grade. I have often told them that they are the worst behaved group I have had in 10 (now 11) years of teaching. Individually they are mostly good kids, but together...well I don't want to use that kind of language on my blog :)

I often try to have prayer time for my students because I know that is really what they need. I have to pray about my 1st hour on a very regular basis because they make me crazy and they bring out the worst in me 1st thing in the morning. Well, yesterday was no different. I know I may be the only Christian they meet and, for some of them, the only person who takes and interest in them. Some of them make it very difficult though. Well, I didn't even make it in the door for 1st hour before I had to yell (I mean my big girl voice) and I had to take a phone away from a girl with attitude! Well, by the time I went to take the phone to the office (about 40 minutes later) someone had taken it out of my desk drawer.

My heart just sank into my stomach. Even though my kids can be tough I have always trusted them. I try to treat them with respect and I expect the same from them (I think this is the most important thing my parents did when raising us). Most of their parents don't show them any respect at all, and that is why they don't respect their parents. Well, I was very upset to know that my students would get into my desk and just violate my space like that. I knew who probably did it. I didn't yell, I didn't scream, I just let them know how disappointed and sad I was by their behavior. I reminded them that I would never treat them like that and I was hurt to know they would do that to me. Well, I had really lost some hope when I went home last night questioning why I do this at all.

Well, when I got to school this morning the girl who I thought had taken the phone came to speak to me. She had tears in her eyes and a phone in her hand. She said she couldn't even sleep last night because she felt so bad for going into my desk and knew that I didn't respect her anymore. She said she was so sorry for what she had done and that she accepted her consequences. I reminded her that God had a way of making sure we knew right from wrong and that I had gained a little respect back for her.

I know these girls will make bad choices again, but I realized that I really am making a difference and God has a purpose for me here - no matter how bad it may seem some days.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Never say never

I should have listened to my friend Lollie when she told me years ago to never say never about anything to do with your kids. Well, in true child fashion our sweet little girl is making us out to be a liar all the time.
I remember when we 1st had Madelynn and I thought it was so strange when parents called each other "Mommy and Daddy"...well, that didn't take long to take over our vocabulary. In fact it has been quite awhile since I referred to my husband as,...oh, yeah, Bruce. Oh, I'll never lay my kid down with her bottle, well, guess what, she wouldn't sit still enough to drink it so we had no choice, and how it is a habit....I know. Oh I will never let my kid whine and get her way, well sometimes at the end of the day if that is what makes her happy it seems like survival of the fittest. Oh, I am sure these will not be the last times...Hopefully I learn not to say "Never".

I find it amazing the phrases that come out of our mouths at times. For example, "Oh, Small Potatoes is on, that means I'm late for work" or "Let's Hot Dog dance".
I just love it when Madelynn will do something, like say her name, and then as soon as I try to get her to do it for someone else, she makes me a liar once again. I am sure this is just the beginning of many times we will have to eat our words, i just didn't know it would start so early. Ah, parenthood is such a ride.


I don't know how well the sound is (Bruce wants everyone to know that is him doing the dishes in the background) Madelynn is changing her baby's diaper and when she opens it she says, "Eeewww!" It is so funny. She loves to play with her babies and it is so fun to watch her. It is amazing to think that she will be a little mommy someday...granted I don't even want to think of that, I just want her to stay my baby. Confession...I can't even take away her bottle yet. I know, don't yell, she is just my little baby and I love it when she wakes up and asks for a baba milk and signs it at the same time. I promise she won't go to kindergarten with it.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

They are never too young...

Well we broke a pot the other night (whole other story) and so I had to vacuum real quick. Then Madelynn got the vacum and proceeded to vacum the rest of the floor. It was so cute. I figure at this rate I could have her folding clothes by the new year. Well, a toy vacum might be in her future.

Row, row, row your boat...

Madelynn and Grammy Tammy playing "row, row, row your boat" on the kitchen floor. They had such a good time while she came for a short visit.

Friday, November 4, 2011

My little talker

I can not believe how much Madelynn is changing everyday. She talks all the time, even though I can't always understand her. Some of her many words include;
"Nut!" - this is what she calls Peanut. The other day when Peanut got out Madelynn stood on the driveway and called, "Nut! Nut!" in a very forlorne voice.
"oshes and ocks" - Yes, shoes and socks
"Baby" - she loves to play with her baby everyday. She wraps her in a blanket and carries her all around the house
"Mom" - Me, of course. But sometimes she just seems to like to call my name over and over again just to make me crazy
"Dad" - Her favorite person. She gets so excited when she see a white truck, thinking it is dad's
"Mi" - which is how she says mine like "mi bo" (mine book)
"Dow" - down - she pats the seat next to her and tells you "dow"
"nigh nigh" - she puts her hands on the side of her head and pretends to snore - it is really very cute
She still signs some - "more", "thank you", "please", "milk" - she actually says the words also, but still signs.
"Ba" - drink or bottle. The first night she signe and asked for a "bottle of milk" I just couldn't believe it.
She has actually said her name before, but we can't get her to say it again. I am glad I had my soccer girls there a witnesses because Bruce doesn't believe me :)
"ball" - She spent a lot of time on the field this year so soccer balls were a big part of her life.
"mote" - this is for the remote which she like to get and then lay on a blanket in the middle of the floor with her ankles crossed and watch TV. I tried to give her an old "mote" but she was onto me.

This is all I can think of at this time, but I am sure I will continue to add to the list. My amazing little girl makes life so worth it.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treating here we come

Bring on the candy. Off for some trick-or-treating in our skunk costume. It was a great night. We just went to a few friends' houses, the neighbors we know and we stopped by the church to see Lynn. She even managed to say something that sortof sounds like trice-or-treat. Very cute. Now the next 2 months seem to go so fast every year. I hope to slow it down and enjoy every moment.

A little dancing

Madelynn and Jamie playing ring around the rosie at trunk or treat (ignore the crying child in the background - that is Cami, the other girl from Miss Shannon's that didn't want to play). I love her tuck and roll at the end and she is ready for more.