Wednesday, July 14, 2010

1 Month old

Look how much bigger she looks next the the football. So she really is growing!
I can't believe she is a month old already. It is amazing how quickly it has gone. What did I used to do with my days? Now I live in 3 hour increments - feed, change, play, sleep...repeat. It is amazing how fast the day goes with you are living in 3 hour chunks. Well, she is getting bigger and stronger and is as cute as can be. She has a little baby acne, but hopefully that will go away soon.
Here she is with her Peter Rabbit toy.
This is my coming home dress from when I was a baby.

Who's really "Baby Wise"? - Me or her??

I am not sure I get this whole Baby Wise thing. I have been trying to get her on a schedule. The "book" says she should eat every 2.5-3 hours and during the day she does. At night she usually goes 5 hours without eating. Not too bad. Well lately she in inconsolable in the evenings. She seems to want to eat after just 2 hours or even less sometimes. I tried to just let her cry in her bed tonight - for about 45 min all together - and all I had at the end was a very angry baby. I went ahead and fed her because I really didn't know what else to do. According to the book it seems like she should be on a schedule, but I can't seem to get it to work. What the heck am I doing wrong? They need like a Baby Wise help line or something. Well, the crying has finally stopped and I am just hoping she is asleep in there...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

My 1st 4th of July!!!

I love the pic that looks like she is cheering. So cute. She is getting so big so fast. We had a good time last night. We crashed my Aunt and Uncle's fireworks party. It was so much fun. We went up in the hills to watch the Farmington Fireworks show. It was very good. Good food, fun people, what more could you ask for? Being with the rest of my family would have been fun also. I am sure I will see them soon. We are just ready for Bruce to be finished with work at this point. Hope all of you had a good, safe 4th!!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Getting bigger

We had a very long walk this morning. She is very tired. This is her little "walking outfit". I am sure she was wondering why she looks so cute and her mom looks like crap.

She weighed 6lbs 1oz at her 2 week apt this week. She is already looking so different. It is just amazing. She is still doing well. She sleeps well and is usually very happy.

Look how big she looks in her bouncy seat!

Trying to suck my thumb

She only does this from time to time but it is so cute. Sometime she sucks her whole fist like her cousin Shelby. She is getting so big already.