Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pass it on.....

I can't believe that it has been 2 year and 5 months, exactly, since Dad passed away.  I am sure I was not this reflective about our times growing up before he got sick, but it is amazing how something like that can make you look back on all the special times in your life and wish you could transport yourself back there at any time. 
We had the most amazing times as a family (sure, there were a few fights here and there and maybe we didn't always do what we were asked to, but really, when we were together we had fun) and fishing and being at the lake were really at the top.  We used to have this old fishing tape we would listen to and one of our favorite songs was Pass it On.....I'm never going to fish alone, pass it on.  I'm fishin' with the ones I love, pass it on.  I'm never going to fish alone, I learned that growin' up with my dad.
Of course this has a lot more to do with than just fishin'.  It reminds me the importance of my family and the people I love.  That it is important to spend time with Madelynn, no matter what we are doing.  And that it is about more than just fishin', it is about showing the other person that you care.  That is where we made the most wonderful memories.  I can still smell the sunscreen, old boat seats, and fishy water.  I can see dad smiling back at me as I sat in the cold El Vado water trying just one more time to get up on my ski.  "Honey, just bend your knees and let the boat do the work.  Stop fighting it."  Then I would yell, "HIT IT!" and off we would go.  I remember the smile on his and my mom's face when I finally made it up.  I am not sure who was more excited.  He would spend all day dragging us around that lake if that is what we wanted.  But that was his job...he was our dad and he loved making us happy.  So, Pass it On is more that just a song we sang together and more than a memory that sends a tear down my cheek, it is about passing that love and dedication onto the next generation.  It is about the legacy you leave behind.  What will people remember about me when I am gone?  What have I passed on to the people around me?  What have I passed on to Bruce and Madelynn?  So, even though he may not approve of my tattoo (ok, he would hate it) when I look at it I am reminded of what we were taught growing up and the importance of Passing it On....

Wow, time flies

Ok, so the old way blogger way it loaded the pictures in the reverse order, so that is what I did and I guess it doesn't do that anymore.  So, all of these are backwards.
This is one of my Pinterest projects.  I am very happy with the way it turned out.  It was so easy and it was fun planting with Madelynn
 So, yes I need to learn to measure.  I tried to make her an apron.  Which i actually love the way it turned out, but it is way too big.  I may have to pass this one onto Cassidy and try it again.

 I think we are in trouble.  She is texting Grandma and wearing her glasses while she watches TV with daddy.  Can you say, "Teenage years, here we come!!"

 Taking a trip!!!  Yes, to you it is a cabinet were you can find the crockpot and George Grill but to a two-year old it is a trip to Wal-Mart or Grandma's.  She and Cassidy "traveled" for quite awhile.
 And playing some video games...she is getting way to big.
 Impromptu trip to Colorado Springs to see the Lutz' and Baby Brayden.  It was so much fun to surprise them, plus we got to see the Stitts one last time.
 Seeing Jessica's face made it all worth it!  She just kept saying, "I can't believe you're here."  It was fantastic and I can't wait to come back in a couple weeks.
 Cousins!!!  Good times at Aunt Pat's house
 Meghan's going away party.  So much fun!!!
Simile ladies!