Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Rolling over atempt...

Ok, so Meghan said this doesn't count as rolling over but I think it is very close. Yes, she was on the couch but no one was on the same cushion as her and she did have to get her body over herself. Gravity may have helped her at the end. Regardless, it is very cute and Bruce was very proud. Now we will work on it on the ground and see how she does.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Playing with toys

Here's Madelynn playing with her toys.

2 1/2 months...where has the time gone?

Madelynn is almost 3 months and I don't know where th time has gone. She is so much fun. I am just so in love with her I could cry sometimes. She makes me laugh every day. I am getting ready to take 4 weeks off with her and it is going to be fantastic. We are just going to hang out and play, take lots of pictures I am sure, take naps together and just have fun. It is just amazing how much she grows all the time. Maybe she will learn to roll over while I am home.
During the time she has been at the sitter it really has gone well. She seems very happy there and the sitter is great. Her kids love Madelynn and they will probably miss her these next 4 weeks. I hate leaving her but I know she is ok and very loved.
Sometimes I have an out of body moment and just can't believe my dad is missing all this. I know he is in a much better place, but, out of my own selfishness, I wish he were here.
He always loved football season and loved keeping up with Bruce's team. They were good about going to his games that were close to them. They love supporting him and the Bobcats. It is just hard to believe he won't be here this season. I can't even believe it sometimes.
I can hear him talking to me all the time (I know he really isn't talking to me) in the dumb things I do or when I am sad or lonely. I know exactly what he would say and it is as if he is right there with me. He is still so much a part of my life and I am thankful for those memories.
Whit heard Cassidy and Mackenzie talking the other night and Mackenzie asked Cas, "Do you miss Papa?" and she said, "Of course I do. Do you?" It is so wonderful that they have those memories and I hope they will share them with Madelynn someday.
Well, that is enough rambling for today. Sometimes my thoughts just get away from me. So we continue living life aware of this void that we feel everyday, but knowing that he would want us to keep being happy; keep living life. We will never fill the void and we will always be aware it is there because no one could ever live up to who my dad was. And someday I will tell Madelynn all about him...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

8 weeks old

A little smile!

Madelynn was 8 weeks old yesterday. Where did the time go. She is getting so big. She is starting to smile more and makes new sounds. She is such a good baby. we are having so much fun with her. We think she is close to 8lbs. We have her 2 month apt on Friday so we will find out for sure. She is almost out of Newborn clothes and can wear some of her 0-3 month stuff. How fun!


Calvin sittin' on the boat.
Jack, Marie, Lilly, and Owen on the tube

Patrick showing off his skills

Calvin's birthday

Ellery and Madelynn

Norris Lake, TN

We had a great trip to TN to see Bruce's family. We played in the lake, went on the boat, ate great food and just had a fantastic time. There were 8 adults and 12 kids. It was a bit noisy at times, but fantastic. We seldom get to see each other, and Madelynn loved her cousins, aunts and uncles. She was such a good little baby. She traveled so well in the car, it was about 60 hours of driving when all was said and done. She did very well. Now we are back at home getting ready to start school. Here are some pics from the trip.
Here is the hour we stayed in. We had a great time jumping off the top of the dock. The lake was so beautiful; like nothing I had every seen.

Just chillin' on the boat

Swimming with daddy. I really did enjoy it once I was in there for a little while.

Sleeping on the boat is the best!

The Collins' families. We were able to meet up with them in Nashville on our way. It was quite a treat.