Sunday, April 22, 2012

Well, it is official......

No, I am not having a baby but even more exciting at this point.....Madelynn is officially potty trained.  We have not had an accident in about 3 days (yes, I am knocking on wood right now).  She has done amazing, and so have I.  This is just another time that I realize why God had it planned for my sisters to have kids before me.  I found myself getting nervous and frustrated when she would have accidents and worried about inconvincing people that help us with her.  I could see me getting alittle out of control about this if I didn't have the examples of my calm, cool and collected little sisters.  God is so smart and knows me so well.  I have always said they were meant to have kids for me so I would learn not to freak out about every little thing.  They are so good at giving advice and encouragement.  The best advice I got from Meghan was to keep a potty seat in the back of my car...already used it twice.  So smart, especially when  in takes almost 30 minutes just to get to the store.  Although, I could see this being useful even if we lived in ABQ. 
Well, I didn't even want to potty train her, but she is so strong-willed that after the 15th or so time she took off her diaper and wanted to sit on the potty that maybe I should so something about it.  Maybe that is why it went so well, because she was so ready for it. 
Well, except for naps and night time we are diaper free.  I am sure there will still be accidents from time to time, but it is very exciting.  Now we can start all of our summer travels with a potty trained kido. 
Well, this picture has nothing to do with potty training except that I think she looks very grown up.  Thanks Aunt Lydia for the super cute dress!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Weekend Highlights

Need a place to store children? Try the dog kennel; ours played in it for hours.
Easter 2012...Bruce is looking a little scruffy :)

Hunting Eggs...pure joy. It was so much fun to have all the kids at my house to dye eggs and then turn them loose in the backyard in the morning to hunt them. I really love Easter...the meaning of new life, the full filled promises, the fun of traditions and family. What a special weekend.

Don't mess with me, I know how to use this thing...and I loved it! I think I need one!

Hold my gun mom while I pose for a picture.

Wonderful Uncle Bruce helping Shelby shoot her 1st gun. I think they will miss each other.

We must look good while we shoot. Pink hat - check, pink boots - check. Ok, ready? aim

Showing us how it's done...the Gradster

See my blue egg Mom. Love this girl!

This may be the last time they all fit in the tub together. These girls are really going to miss each other.

No pants and a bonnet....

Some randomness over the last week. Madelynn had her 1st dentist apt today and did amazing. She was such a big girl up there in the chair. She let them brush and check her teeth and was just wonderful.
Whitney got Madelynn this amazing hat (there's a bathing suit, shoes, and swim cover that go with it--can't wait to take her for swim lessons) and she was such a good girl and wore it the whole time at practice. She LOVES to drive in the gator. It is the best babysitter.

As you can see Madelynn is not the only baby who likes to play in the gator (all the Bloomfield babies are entertained in the gator---it was so nice of Coach to buy these for us to keep the kids quiet). This is Naomi and they like to play together during meets. Her sister Madison played soccer for me and runs track for Bruce. They are so cute together.

Really, if you can't ride around in bloomers and a bonnet then what is the point of getting out of bed? This was her after dinner attire as she played in the water.

She was quite entertaining. Look at those thighs....she came by those honestly

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What is it about....

What is it about a freshly sharpened pencil and a clean, white piece of paper that just makes me what to write something? There is just something about sharpening a pencil, great smell, and looking at the fresh, clean piece of paper in front of you that just exudes endless possibilities. I could write a little or a poem or a story, or these days, a grocery list. It just takes me back to those school days when the teacher gave you your assignment and you began your creation and let your imagination flow. It was very freeing and peaceful at the same time. Wow, I was a nerd...