Friday, July 27, 2012

Just a few more projects

Just a couple more aprons.  I think I may have to start charging for these...maybe I could make a few extra bucks.

 Little Aviators hats.  I just love these.  Madelynn has on the one I made for Baby Brayden so it doesn't really fit her, but she still looks cute :)  I am working on a owl one for her now.  I am sure all the crafting will come to a halt as soon as soccer starts.

 Shelby's Birthday book.  She doesn't actually have it yet but I will get it sent to her (It is a little pricey to send things to Alaska) 
Yes, of course most of these ideas are off Pinterest.  In this book you ask them the same quesitons each year on their birthday to see how their answers have changed and then put a photo from their birthday.  I did birthdays 3-10.  Can't wait to see these some day when they are older.  Now I have a few month to get Kennedy's and Madelynn's made for their 3rd birthdays.

Motorcycle diaper cake.  I have a baby shower next week and thought this would be perfect.  It was so easy.  Actually easier than the diaper cake.  But the one thing I like about a diaper cake is all the "stuff" I can add to it as gifts.  I couldn't do that with this so I decided the lamb needed a trailer to pull behind loaded with gifts.  Hope she enjoys it.

Hoodie Ninja

This is a hoodie my Grandma Ruth made for me when I was little and Madelynn loves to wear it...and dance to the song Hoodie Ninja...cracks me up!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Keeping busy..

Here are a few updates from our busy summer and some of my pinterest projects (yes, I am addicted and I can admit it...that's is the 1st step right?)
 i wanted some way to organize Madelynn's "craft" stuff so I could keep it in the dining room.  Baskets are expensive and then I remember that I had this diaper cady that we don't use anymore and it is perfect for her craft stuff.  Now it is easy to get and still looks nice.
 Our little monkey.  We, well I, redid Madelynn's bathroom (because we moved her stuff into our bathroom).  I love it.  I cant' decide if I want to paint the walls or not, but we will wait to see.  I just love the cute little monkeys.
 Madelynn's new "hair accessories" organizing station.  I can't believe I found monkey fabric in the exact colors I needed.  It was really pretty easy and I love it.

 Well, I didn't realize I had such a problem with ribbon until i put it all in one place.  Wow, I need to come up with some projects to use it, which is where the project above started.  At least it is all in one spot now and organized.

 My mostly finished bathroom.  Still a few finishing touches and some painting touch ups but I will get to those. I found a cabinet I really want.  This is a "towel rack" my friend Sara made.  It looks great in here but we need something on Bruce's side.

 I love this wall.  It is like a red "throne room".  I guess we need some "bling" from the throne :)

 And this is how my little princess spent her time while I was "organizing" the craft room. 

 I just love these pictures.  She is so cute!!!

She is such a good little mommy.  She loves her babies. 
Oh, and one more apron for the summer.  I have at least 2 more to get finished.  Maybe next week.

Summer favorites...

Here are some of my summer favorites that I just can't get enough of. 
The 1st one is carmel/peanut dipped grapes.  So good and refreshing, and really easy.  The problem is I was popping as many in my mouth as I was making.  (Yes, i saw this on Pinterest...I just can't help myself.

 My next favorite, from my friend Sara, is a dip but really a meal.  Saute some spinach, I added garlic, don't add S & P I made it a little too salty.  Chop up some rotisserie chicken and then a few spoonfulls of Green chile dip (sorry if you don't live in NM and are ready this because you can't get Creamland outside of NM).  Mix together and eat with chips.  See, great summer lunch.  Drink with a Diet Coke and it is perfect bliss.
 Thanks Jane for this one.  LOVE IT.  I am on my 3rd pitcher this week.  Crystal Light Mojito drink.  It is so refreshing.  I actually water it down some and actually get all my water in for the day.  Yummm, I will be taking this to school.
 And thank you Lynn for this one.  Super good.  You get about 1 cup water and a bunch of ice, International cafe sugar free (decaf for me) and blend it up and then add a couple scoops of Cool Whip (forgot the picture of this part) and it is a super yummy treat, fairly guilt free.  Now I add a scoop of vanilla protein powder and drink it for breakfast.  Really quite tasty!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Why didn't we think of this!

We had 3 girls and always had this problem.  Why couldn't we come up with this.  I really hope these will be for sale soon because I really want one....I just hope they aren't really expensive when they are available.

Knock it over

 Why is it sooo much fun to build a tower and then knock it down?  Madelynn has spent the last hour playing with PlayDoh, putting it back in the containers and then knocking it over.  It is amazing the joy she gets out of this.  Should I be concerned that she is destructive or is this just normal discovery?  It is really cute to watch.  It is amazing to see her just hanging out at her house, not having to go anywhere, she has changed her clothes 3 times and it is only noon.  It is like watching an animal in her natural habitat.  We need more days like this....