Saturday, June 23, 2012

Reflections of mommyhood

 I found a book my wonderful friend Lollie gave me before I even had kids, I think.  It has reflections of mommyhood over the years and I was amazed at how true each stage was.  Here are a few excerpt from it. (by P. Taylor Copeland)
The Pledge: It's up to me; I owe you direction, to nurture you and love you and give you protection.  This is my promise.
Newborn: Entrusted to me, I'll give you my best;  A bright future for you is my quest. 
I hold you often, both asleep and awake, if this is spoiling I'll indulge for our sake.

One:  While I cook dinner you play at my feet in your special cupboard filled with plastic treats...
Cuddle time come, a story is read; with love in my heart I put you to bed.
Two:  Your world is enlarging, there's so much to see; the zoo and the park and the pool (beach) are just three.
I'm here to protect you, to keep you in sight; your being safe in my ongoing plight.
Fascination erupts, you crave to learn; I use lots of sunblock so you won't burn.
Not always aware of why you're told "no", you are continually testing and ON THE GO!
When we go shopping I must advise, "We look not with our hands, but look with our eyes"
The terrible twos are thought of with dread,
But I say you're inquisitive and just want to be led.

I can't believe how she has changed and grows from day to day.   I saw a great reminder at my friends' house today. 
"Remember the little things in life...As you get older, you will realize they are the big things."
Sometimes I feel like I can't get things done, my house is a mess and my laundry is forever not done, there are finger prints on the back window, there are snacks in my purse, and each tasks takes twice as long as it should, but I wouldn't trade it for the world.  Seeing life through her eyes amazes me each day and reminds me of how life should be. 

Just for you Jessica

Madelynn's kitchen.  Is this a better picture?  How do you like the hair?  She took her hair ties out and had just gotten up from a nap.
 Bathroom Mirror project.  Still don't have things painted and don't really know when I will have the time.  The top tiles were much harder than I thought they would be; as you can see with all the tape up top.  It turned out fine(but it is hard to get a good picture of it), but a little uneven on top...just don't look too closely.

I hope to have more pictures in the next couple weeks.

Monday, June 18, 2012

A fall and a new shower

The black spot is our atempt at patching the hole.
Well, on New Year's Eve I heard a very loud crash from the bathroom.  I ran in there to see Bruce kneeling in the bathtub (sorry if you just got a mental picture of that).  He had slipped and fallen and he doesn't even drink :).  He put a hole in our cheap tub/shower unit.  Well we had to wait until we had the time and money....

Clint and Bruce are very good at destruction
Bruce and Clint took out the old tub...Madelynn was very scared of all the noise so we had to watch Tangled in the front bedroom with the doors shut.

Our amazing new shower!

While I was gone in Colorado Bruce kept telling me that they had not been able to work on the bathroom.  I was disapointed but there was nothing I could do.  I got home and started unloading the car.  As I walked past the bathroom I noticed a reflection that didn't look quite right.  This is what I walked into.  He is so sneaky (this is not the 1st time I have been in Colorado and come home to something like this, I should learn not to believe him:).  I love it and can't wait to redo the bathroom...paint the walls, new towels, and all of that.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

The big slide

We tried twice to take Madelynn to see Madagascar and didn't make it so we ended up taking her to Big Bounce, which I am sure she enjoyed much more.  This is the first time she has been down the slide all by herself.  She was so cute.
Once she learned how to climb up the slide she was unstoppable.  I think she was more brave because Bruce was there with us for the 1st time.  What is it about having your daddy near by that makes you feel invincible?

Turning 2!!!

 Moving into the next year of her life in style.  She never goes anywhere without a baby.  She will be an amazing mommy someday. 
 Madelynn shares her birthday with a very special man, my best friend's dad and my dad's best friend...Terry Moore.  We had a special birthday celebration.  This is the closest she will ever have to having a birthday party with my dad.  It was so special to be there with them for her birthday.
 Making Father's Day gifts with the girls.  She seemed very surprised that I was painting her hands.
 Now it is Kennedy's turn.  She was a bit skeptical.  Of the two, she is the calm one...not that you can tell from the next picture.
 Madelynn showed Kennedy how exciting it is to jump on the matress.  Instead of the girls teaching eachother they good habits I think their bad habits rubbed off on each other.  Madelynn taught Kennedy to jump and climb on everything and Kennedy taught Madelynn to not go to sleep at night.  They really did a great job together though.  They were so funny to watch and listen to.
 "What?  I told her to stop jumping but she won't"
 Me and baby Brayden.  He is such a cute little man!  Madelynn thinks he is her baby.
 An ever growing friendship.  What a great week.  I can't wait to see them again.  I know our girls have many wonderful visits to come and maybe someday they will be getting together with their kids....Pass it on.
 Our little 2 year old with her very own kitchen.  This was her birthday present from Mommy and Daddy.  She loves it. 
 Birthday party fun.  Jamie and Madelynn going down the slip n' slide.
 Singing Happy Birthday
 Run, run, run
 Another Dora baby (that sings, thanks Martha :), She loves her babies.
 Madelynn and Baby Brayden who she thinks is her baby.  She tried carrying him on her own, climbing in his crib and helping to change his diapers.  Hopefully she will make a good big sister someday.

This says it all.  Too friends sitting down for a chat and having the time of their life.  Here's to another amazing year Miss Madelynn Ruth.  We love you.

Monday, June 4, 2012

My doggie...

 "My doggie" is all we here these days.  She drags the Spot the dog with her everywhere.  She puts Peanut's collar on it and everything.  We have had it for about 6 months and she didn't really care about it but now she just loves it.  She even takes it for "walks".  She made the babysitter Gabby take her twice the other night.  It is so cute.
 Now she like the collar can be used as a belt.  She put it on and said, "to cute, to cute...picture" and said cheese and wanted me to take a picture of her.  She is crazy funny!
 Swiming Pool!!!
So much fun.  Do mind the random legs behind her.  She did awesome at the pool and I can't wait to take her to swim lessons!  More fun to come....