Monday, November 16, 2015

"My cup runneth over..."

I had the amazing opportunity last February to participate in IF:Gathering and let me tell you it was great!  I came away from there with a fire in my soul (literally - this tugging on my heart that could have only come from one place) and it has been growing and smoldering ever since.  It is no secret that I have always been called to teach, and even in this crazy time of education I still love it every day.  But I have always had a desire in my heart to teach a Bible study, but it has just never been the right time, or God's time apparently.  Well, after IF: Gathering 2015 I kept hearing this small voice asking if I was doing what God was calling me to do.  Well, I am fairly busy in the church, trying to help out and participate where I feel called, but there was still this tugging.  Then God put on my heart to begin a women's Bible study and he even placed someone on my heart to lead it with me.  Then he even provided a place for us to meet and next he actually provided women who needed this time together.  It was amazing.  We began meeting every other Monday night and just having a time together to share in each other's joys and sorrows and learning God's word together has been invigorating.  I was getting to see God's plan for me, and for others, unfold right in from of me.  

We just finished our 1st study (Stuck by Jennie Allen - highly recommend it) and during that I kept praying about how I am using the time God has given me and whether or not I am using my talents in the way he wants me to.  He kept putting on my heart to continue this Bible study and so I stepped out of some of my other roles.  We were going to take the holidays off from the Bible study but I let them know I was going to start a study on my own if anyone was interested (Seamless by Angie Smith - Can't wait to delve into this one), well, guess what?!  We have a group 8-9 women still coming together on Monday nights, now every week, and we are going to continue our time in God's word through the holidays.  

I am just so blessed to be part of these women's lives and getting to see Him work in their lives is such a gift.  As were are beginning our new study I have been reflecting on my past Bible study experiences.  I have had some great teachers in my life and I know they have helped to fuel my fire through these years.  My mom always taught me (really through example) the importance of spending time in The Word everyday.  My dad was such a scholar of God's Word and if you ever had a chance to be in one of his classes you were truly blessed.  

But one teacher in particular really stands out.  Sherrie took the time to take a group of young high school and college girls aside and really teach us how to study the word.  She taught us to "Take Ten with God" and her FLA style has always been a part of how I study.  She showed us that we didn't have to have a fancy Bible study with videos and teachers, that we had all the tools right there with us.  She empowered us to grow in our relationship with Christ everyday.  She instiledl in us a desire to spend time with him and she made in attainable for everyone.  She taught me how to open any part of the Bible and find how to learn and apply it to my life.  She strengthened my prayer life and demonstrated the importance of spending time quietly with him everyday.  These are lessons that have followed me for the past 20 years (yikes!  Has it really been that long?)  And now I have the opportunity to share with other women and hopefully empower them in the same way.  

How is God trying to use you today?  What people has he place in your path to guide you and lead you to where you are today?  Are you allowing Him to use you however He sees fit?  Or God is sovereign and he has a plan for your life.  It is an awesome ride if we just get out of the way.