Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Crazy little princess

Our crazy little princess in the pink chair her daddy bought her.  How can she be so cute and make us so crazy at the same time.  It amazes me everyday the vocabulary she has and the things she remembers.  The other day I asked her to do something for me and she said, "Wait I have to finish this, it is really important to me."  I still love it that she uses "last day" for everything that happened in the past.  She has a great memory so it could be months ago she is talking about.  She loves Lunchables lately.  She has only had them a few times but she asks for one every time we go to the store.  She wanted one last night at the store and we got one but I told her she would have to wait to eat it.  She had already had dinner.  I told her she would have to wait until tomorrow, after she had gone to sleep.  So, sure enough, she woke up this morning came into the bathroom and said, "Mom, I took a nap.  Can I have my Lunchable now?"  So that is what she had for breakfast.  She loves to dress up right now.  I plan to make her a thing to store her dress up clothes in for her birthday.  Any suggestions for what to stock it with would be great!

Pregnancy so far

This was an email I sent to a few of you last week, but I had to share it here also because it is just too funny!
I had a bit of a crazy night. I couldn't sleep; totally not normal for me. I was up reading around 2:30 for about an hour and during that time a huge thunder storm started. Peanut, going crazy of course. All of a sudden Bruce was startled by it and came bursting out of the bedroom - crazy guy, it was just thunder. Then Madelynn started to cry. I thought she wanted to sleep with us but when we got her in there she cried, "I don't want to sleep like this!" - kind of funny. So we took her back to bed and she went right to sleep. I finally fell asleep around 4am only to have Madelynn walk in happy and talkative at 6am!!

So, I started the morning tired. Trying to get dressed, nothing really fits, running late. I put on a pair of maternity pants that were ok but just real big and bunchy in the front but I this point I had no choice.

So, I am finally at school, my throat hurts and I just don't feel that comfortable in my own clothes. I had to run to the bathroom real quick and that is were my day got better.....I realized that my pants would fit a whole lot better and I would look better if.,........I put my pants on THE CORRECT DIRECTION!!!! Yes, my pants were on backwards...
I hope this gives you a good laugh for the day. And if you are having a bad day you are probably already doing better than me because at least your clothes are probably facing the correct direction :)

Since this I have been wearing a lot more skirts becuse I don't have to worry about the direction they are facing. 
Jessica wanted a pic of how I have been growing, and here we are already sticking out there!  This pregnancy has been a little different so far that is forsure.  I have crazy dreams, awful congestion, and I am already sticking out.  I can't wait until June 12th when we get to find out what we are having.  Madelynn is so excited.  She things it's a girl but I think it's a boy.  I guess we will have to see....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Another thought....

So, if I am no longer coaching can this blog really be called the Life of Two Coaches????  Do I have to change the name of my blog?  Can't decide.....

My Last Track Meet

Madelynn helping me at track.  She is so funny and bossy....I have no idea where she gets that from :)

My 1600M Medley team - they set a new Basin record with a 4:42.61
I can't believe that I have been coaching for 9 years.  At my wedding 10 years ago I met a guy named Coach Satagena and he introduced himself and then in the same breath asked me if I wanted to coach track in the spring.  I later learned that this was totally normal for him; he LOVES track.  Well, the next year I gave in and said yes and the rest is history.  Since then I have coached 7 seasons of Girl's soccer and 9 seasons of track.  Do you realize how many bus trips that is with noisy teenagers???  What was I thinking?! :)  No, all in all it has been an amazing experience.
Well, with the baby on the way and a VERY active 3-year old (almost), I have decided that it is better that I don't coach anymore.  It it tough to have both parents coaching.  By the end of soccer season Madelynn was complaining about going to practice everyday (granted as soon as it was over she wanted to go to soccer, go figure).  I had already quit soccer back in the fall and lamented about that in another post.  So, here I am at another crossroad.  I am sure as the season starts I will be sad to not be out there, but it is nice not to have that pressure anymore.  It will be nice not to have to deal with some of the parents (who ruin it for everyone).  It will be interesting to see how different our lives are going to be and what will fill that time.  I am sure it will fill quickly, it has just been such a part of my life for so long that it seems strange right now.
What a great end to a season though; my girls setting a new Basin record.  I was so proud of them.  Bruce helped me cut some time off their hand-offs and then I think the adrenaline drove them the rest of the way.  They beat the record by a whole second and in the wind (if you don't do running that is a significant amount.)  The record was 19 years old, set in 1994 by a Shiprock team.  My last season was not quite how I imagined it but it was still great.  
And here we go, onto another chapter....What will God have in store next?   

Thursday, May 2, 2013

My Sassy Little Girl

I can not believe how grown up Madelynn is getting.  She will be 3 in just over a month and I swear she is going on 13 more and more every day.  Some of my favorite things that she says right now:
When you ask her if she wants something, like fruit snacks, she says, "Well, of course."  Like, I can't believe you would even have to ask.  That kid will do anything for a fruit snack and things everyone should have them at their house.  When she stayed with Whitney last week she seemed very put out when she found out Whit didn't have fruit snacks at her house. 
She talks all the time.  I mean seriously, doesn't take a break.  From the time she wakes up in the morning until the time her head hits the pillow she is talking.  Sometimes I just need a break, but don't seem to get one.  She has an amazing vocabulary, or so I am told by other people.  We only have one kid so we really don't know any different. 
The other day she told me not to touch her books.  Of course being the brat that I am I pretended to touch them.  She said, "Don't touch, that is illegal!"  I dont' even know where she comes up with this stuff.  If you ask her to do something she doesn't want to do she replies with, "Nope!"  We are working on the respect issue here but it is still really funny.  She loves to go boxing with Bruce and to Zumba with me and does great at both.  She copies everything we do at Zumba and she is so funny to watch.  Bruce took her to boxing and now she wants pink boxing gloves.  I don't think most people have to have this conversation with their 2 year-old, "Now remember, you can only throw punches with Daddy.  No hitting anyone at Miss Ruth's house.  Do you understand?"
At night during prayers if we forget to say, "Thank you for Madelynn" she gets upset and says, "You didn't say my name!"  So we have to be sure to be thankful for Madelynn everynight. 
There are so many other funny things that she says right now and I just can't remember them right now. 
She is so excited to have a brother or a sister.  Sometimes she says the baby is a girls and sometimes she says its a boy.  She doesn't seem to care either way at this time.  She loves kissing and hugging my belly which is super cute.  I know she will be a great big sister, she just doesn't seem old enough. 
She told me the other day that she is going to teach the baby to play.  I thought that was super sweet.  I know she will just be wonderful and our house will be crazy, but I can't wait.