Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fleece sleeping bag...just another quick project

I found this project, yes, on Pinterest (I will look up the orginal site I just can't see to find it right now) but it was for a doll sleeping bag.  I decided to make one for Madelynn.
She chose the fabric herself, which I LOVE because it says Science Rocks!  Fantastic. 
There are 3 different fabrics - 3 layers.  I bought a yard of each and just lined them up, trimmed the edges, cut a 4x4 inch square from each corner (remember to fold the top layer down.  I just guessed on this part.).  Then I cut 1" strips 4" long all the way around ( I used a 4x4inch piece of cardboard as a guide and then drew 1" lines on it to help space the strips correctly). 
Then you tie them together just like you were make a blanket.  On the sections where there are 3 pieces of fabric I kept two together and tied it to the top one.  I did this in about an hour so it is really not that hard. 

She climbed right in this morning when she saw it.  Then she started filling it with "stuff".  I guess with the girl hears the word "bag" she just can't help herself.  I have a little fabric left and I am going to try to make a little pillow.  I will let you know how this goes.

Valentine's Day Shirts

 This is the shirt I made for Madelynn and her friends for Valentine's Day.  I have to say, I am quite happy with the way it came out.  It really wasn't that hard so let me tel you how I did it.

I chose ribbons that went with a Valentine's theme.  I cut the size of heart I wanted out of card stock.  Then I selected the ribbons and laid them, with some space between them, on the heart.  I put a little tape on them to secure them there.  Then I cut them out in the heart shape.
I decided I wanted them to stay on a little better so I bought fusible hem strips.  I cut them to the size of each ribbon and ironed them on 1st.  (Be careful with some of the satin ribbon that you don't melt it.  You can place an extra piece of material over if you would like)
Then I stitched line on the top and bottom of each ribbon.  I stitched around the curved part of the heart also.  My stitching is not great, but I am still happy with the result.  It even washed up well!
Madelynn's pre-school group

Cuttie girls!  This is Madelynn, Britten and Bentley (two of Miss Ruth's kids).  She made the bows for the kids.
I think I might try this with a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day, but I better start a little early; it might be tough.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The blessings of Family....

Bill Pace is the wonderful man who came into our lives in April 2011.  He and my mom were married February 25, 2012 and lived 11 happy months together.  It may have taken me a little while to get adjusted to the idea of my mom having a new husband but after I met Bill for the 1st time I knew he was a perfect fit for our family.  I used to love calling and talking to him about electronic questions, cameras, or just teasing my mom about something.  He had the best laugh.  At the end of our conversations he used to say, "Bye kiddo."  That is exactly what my dad used to call me.  I never told him this because I just felt it was a special connection that I had with him and I loved it.  He was always so easy to talk to and I felt comfort in knowing he was taking care of my mom.  The day I coached my last soccer game left me sad and missing my dad.  I met mom and Bill for lunch and just gave him a big hug.  All he had to say was, "I understand" and he hugged me back.  He was not in our lives for a long time, but the impression he left will be lasting.  As I met his family, brother and sisters and extended family, over the last week I saw why Bill was so wonderful.  I just fell in love with them.  I know there is a space in our hearts that will never be filled, but we have been blessed with a large family that is full of love.  I have 6 new brothers and sisters and 6 new nieces and nephews that I adore.  God is good and we can continue to see His blessings in our lives.  I feel privileged knowing that God chose Bruce and I to be there in Bill's last moments as he kept an appointment he had with God that day.  We may never fully understand God's plan but we can see that He is working and taking care of us every single day and for that I am thankful.  Through trials my faith is strengthened. 
Mom and Bill on their wedding day

This is the last picture Bill took as he was playing with my new camera he helped me pick out.

4 Girls in a tub

The boys all playing together with trains.  They were so wonderful!

Uncle Beau bought all the girls rings to decorate.  He is the best!

Showing off their rings....

Michael and Whitney.....

With the number of people at the house we tried to recycle cups so this is what it looked like above the sink.  There is a great story behind "The Real Meghan"

My "Manny" partner, Jon.  He and I worked hard all week to keep the house running.  With 11-12 people staying there and the tons of people coming in and out and bringing food it was quite a task.  Oh, did I mention the dog, Heidi who kept eating all the food

Pace/Lodge crew February 2012

Pace/Lodge crew January 2013
I just wanted to remind you all that even through trials we are blessed.  Maybe I needed to remind myself.  Here are some of our blessings.  I am so thankful for each moment and look forward to many more together.  I know God has great things in store for us and our families.