Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Winter activities

 Here are a few of my winter projects.  Yes, I got the idea from Pinterest but I really think it cam out cute so I had to share.  Madelynn enjoyed teaching Minnie Mouse about her tree.  She doesn't play with it as much as I would have liked but she is not the best at entertaining herself (can't imagine where she got this from).  It is a great addition to our Christmas decorations and it look me one nap session to put together.  I couldn't find a large piece of green felt so it is flannel and I sewed 2 pieces together and then made ornaments out to flannel.
 Madelynn's new bike from Aunt Ginny and Uncle Tim.  It is so cute.  I will get some other photos of her actually riding it.  I just love this one.  She looks so grown up.

Another apron. This was for my adorable cousin Reina. I really enjoy making these and I am thinking about starting to sell them. If you are interested, let me know.

See, I told you, seriously cute!!!
So, this is what has been keeping us busy so far.  I just realized I never posted pics of our Christmas tree cutting.  I will get those up also. 
Merry Christmas.

Pray your Christmas cards

So, this idea came to me the other day.  No, it is not from Pinterest or Facebook (I guess it might be out there but I didn't get it from there).  I saw all my Christmas cards on my front door, which I have the habit of leaving up until summer time, and I thought about all my family and friends and how I need to be in prayer for them.  Then I realized, if I would pray for one family at a time as I pass by the door I would pray for all my friends and family multiple times, especially if they are hanging there until June.  So each time (ok, maybe not everytime but a few times through the day) I place my hands on one of my Christmas cards and pray for that family.  I often say I am going to pray for people, and I do but not consistantly.  These wonderful pictures serve as a great remider to pray for the people I love.  I am working my way clock-wise around my door, just in case you wanted to know my "system".  So know that if you have sent me a Christmas card this year I am in prayer for you and I am very thankful to have you in my life.  Even if you didn't send me a card, I am thankful for you.