Monday, February 21, 2011

Peter Rabbit is my friend!

See Aunt Whitney, I love my Peter Rabbit (good thing because he is all over her room). She gets so excited when I wind it up and give it to her. This video does not do it justice.

Wave Hi Madelynn

She is sort of getting this waving thing down. It is very cute, of course :)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day - 8 Months old

We found a pictures at my Grandma's house of my cousin Hunter kind of like this (with the blocks). Whitney said, "I wish I had thought of that when my kids were little." I thought it was a great idea and my kid is little, so I took these pictures for my mom for Valentine's Day. She loved them. (on a sidenote, the rocking chair was mine when I was little)

Look at our little standing baby. She is such a big girl and loves to try to stand. This was her little Valentine outfit that I could not resist.

Little Feet....

I was just telling Whitney today that it just amazes me to see all the things Madelynn can do. I thought she changed a lot there at the beginning but now it seems she grows everyday, and not just in size.

I took this first picture when she was about 2 months old and the other picture at 8 months old. I know she is still a baby, but she just seems so big.

It is such a miracle to watch things through her eyes. She gets the biggest smile on her face when she seems something she likes. She loves to watch the dog; even though the dog could careless about her - except when food is involved.

Just a couple of weeks ago she was scooting around. Now she can babble up a storm, crawl everywhere in the house; and shows quite the affinity for shoes - she gets that from her father - she stands up any chance she gets and tries to climb. I had to tell her tonight that we "sit bottom" in the bathtub and there will be no pulling up. She drops objects over the side of the tub and then tries to climb out to get them. Such curiosity and wonder.

When did all of this happen? I just had a newborn a few weeks ago and now all of a sudden she is this little person who is really showing her personality and independence. It just amazes me that I get to be part of her little life. That I get to witness the excitement and joy seen only through the eyes of a child.

No wonder Jesus tells us to come to him as little children with joy and excitement at just getting to know him. We are so clouded by the world that I think we loose some of the innocence as we get older, but God gives us children to remind us what it was like and what he desires from us. What a precious experience.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Madelynn Ruth, Please stand....

From crawling to standing. She has so much talent!!!

Changing like the wind...

New skill...she has learned to pull herself up on different objects. She is really getting quite good.
Shortly after this she took a head dive over the turtle, but we didn't get that part on tape.

I don't think she has fallen asleep on us since she was a baby...oh there was one time when she was sick. Bruce got to just hold her for over 1/2 an hour. It was so sweet and he loved every minute of it.

Whitney and Beau got us these great leather cubes for Christmas. We store her toys in them in the living room and now we have found another use for them. She seemed happy and we were able to contain her. She crawls everywhere now and gets into everything. It is really cute, but quite a chore.