Monday, January 16, 2012

Keeping us busy

Madelynn is always on the run and keeping us very busy. She often sports work out pants and a hoodie - no idea where she gets that style from. This is my sweatshirt that my Grandma Ruth made me when I was little and MaddieRu loves to wear it.

We tried to get her to feed Marilynn's baby goats but she was a little nervous. Once she watched Cary do it she was a little more interested and would finally pet them before we left.

Yes, this is a Cabbage Patch Doll in a bubble bath. Well, santa brought Madelynn a very cute new doll for Christmas, but she insists on dragging around my old doll. So, I decided that I needed to figure out a way to clean it because her arms were black. So, "baby", as she is called, took a bath. It worked great and looks brand new now. Just in case you ever need to know.

Art project time! Thought it would be fun to play with finger paints. Well, I guess she did not completely agree. She didn't seem to like having the paint on her fingers.

Then she finially got the hang of it. And this is our new "cheese" grin when she wants her picture taken.

I hope she is not trying to look like her daddy here. I hope we can ward off tatooing for quite some time. I don't quite understand why she didn't like having it on her fingers but sure didn't mind having it on her arms or tummy.

Well, here is her mater piece. No, she didn't write her name on it, she's good not that good. It was a lot of fun to watch her though.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I don't want a bratty, picky kid!

Ahhh, my child was making me crazy last night. She didn't eat lunch and she wouldn't eat dinner. She wouldn't even try it. There are so few things that she will eat and it makes me crazy. I hated it when I was younger and watch kids or we had kids over who said, "I don't' like that"....about everything!!!! It is fine to have preferences or a few things you don't care for. My cousin only eats about 5 things and it makes me nuts.
I don't want my kid to be like that and it is already starting. I tried to feed her and she covered her eyes (we have not quite reached object permanence yet...I guess she thought the beans would disappear).
Where have I gone wrong? I sent her to bed with no dinner because I am not just giving her "nacks", as she says, or bread like she wants everyday. I want her to eat other things. The kid won't touch eggs...what kind of kid won't eat eggs? Things she ate last week she won't even try this week.
Am I being too hard on her? But if I go easy now will I pay for it later? Expert parents where are you? How do I fix this?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A very blessed Christmas

Well, I thought I would get a chance to put quotes on these pictures, but I have not. I guess you can just firgure out what was going on in each.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Well, it looks like 2012 might be as crazy as 2011. As the day started with students it seemed like any other start to the semester. We had students at two different enterances getting their schedules.
Then, the fire alarm went off...Great, some braty kid decided to pull the alarm...or so I thought. We weren't sure if we should send the kids outside or not. I looked down the hall and saw Mr. Mosley running down the hall, smoke billowing behind him and yelling, "THIS IS NOT A DRILL!" Oh my gosh, I thought, this is what we have been practicing every month since I was 5. Then I found myslef standing there thinking, "Now what? Oh right, get the kids out of the building." This kids quickly went out the door but the teachers who were handing out schedules just sat there thinking it was a kid who just pulled the alarm. So I started pushing the one of the teachers out of his chair and yelling, "THIS IS NOT A DRILL! THE HALL IS FULL OF SMOKE!" Teachers are worse than the kids sometimes :)
Finally they went outside, kids were everywhere they had no class to report to because we had not even made it to class. The chaos started to settle down and the assistant principal appeared through the smoke and we found out.....a fire extinguisher had fallen off the wall, hit the floor and exploded. No fire, but still a hall full of smoke. Trust me, you would have thought the entire hall was on fire with all the smoke. You couldn't see from one end to the other.
What a crazy way to start the new semester. I am not really sure those drills ,required by law, every month were really much help at that point. But no kids were hurt and there really wasn't a fire.