Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's October.....is my baby sister coming?

This is what Madelynn asked me this morning as she learned for Disney Channel that it was October.  I have to admit, I am quite excited for it to be October also.  I have been waiting for this month to get here.  Granted my due date of October 28th is still quite a ways away.  So I had to inform Madelynn that is could be awhile still. 

The things she says crack me up.  I have few examples of conversations we have had lately. 
 This is our 1st football game of the season.  She had a blast, of course and kept yelling for the dad from the stands.  We told her he probably couldn't hear her so she said, "I will just yell louder."  I am sure the people around us appreciated that.
 Yes, this child is not normal.  This is her playing one day as I was cleaning the house.  She dressed herself.
It amazes me the things she can do herself and she is becoming quite the little manipulator.  One morning last week:
M: Dad, if you go get mom for me I will give you a fruit snack.
D: No, you go get her yourself.
M: Fine, you don't get a fruit snack.
 I know she looks like a sweet ballerina but that is not always the case.  The other night she wanted help picking up her toys, which I said I wouldn't because s
he got them out.  So she sang a little song while she cleaned up, "Mom, if you don't help me you don't get a snack.  You have to help me mom so you can get a fruit snack....."  The song went on but I informed her that I don't like fruit snacks so I didn't care if I got one.  Later that night while going to bed:
M: Mom, will you read me a book?
K: No, it is too late now.  We played for too long and it took you too long to pick up your toys.
M:  Well, if you would have helped me it would not have taken so long
K:  Well, I guess you better get started sooner tomorrow night
 These two have the best time together.  I love watching them play dolls together.  The rules are always so funny.
 But they don't always get along......
One morning she threw a fit because Bruce beat her to the bathroom to brush her teeth (we often race her to get her to do things.  No idea where she gets this competitive nature).  Bruce told her she can't always win and that sometimes others win.  Nothing worked.  She still threw a fit and wanted me.  He got her teeth brushed, which is hard to do when she is acting like this.  She came out to me pouting and said, "But I wanted to win."  Bruce gave up and said, "Then run faster next time!"
A couple of days later she beat him to the bathroom and replied, "Dad, I guess you should have run faster."
 Of course we had to stick our tongues out!

Keeping a little balance in life....football and tutus!  I love it.
One other story.  While playing "school" one night she kept saying parts of the pledge.
M: One nation under God.   God is in heaven Mom, that is why it is under God.
Pretty good idea.
Well, it is October and I hope to have news to share soon, but not too soon.  I would like to work a few more weeks.  Even though I am super tired and my back does not feel so great at the end of the day.  That is ok, I will make it a bit longer.