Saturday, November 27, 2010

My first Thanksgiving

Up early to start the turkey!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving. It was very strange not having dad there, but the house was full of food, family and love and I know he was there with us. It was strange to think back to last year when we were first telling everyone about Madelynn and here we are, a year later, with a beautiful 5 month old baby and a missing loved one. Life is so short and so quick. In one quick blink of an eye everything is so different. Sometimes I just want to ask God, "What were you thinking taking my dad away? It was too soon, he wasn't done here!" But I know He knows better than me, but it is so hard to see the whole picture. How can he be that he doesn't even know Madelynn? This huge part of my life and he knows nothing about it. It is just so strange and unbelievable at the same time. Through it all, we had a goo time.

The night ended with a slumber party. How sweet!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Rolling over...for real!!!

It is official...Madelynn is mobile!

She rolled over, both directions tonight. It was so exciting. Kathy and Rulon got to be here to see it. I am sure they were very excited.

Look out world here she comes!

(Please ignore the filming at the beginning and the crazy talking :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall pumpkins!

Look now tall she is getting!!! We had such a great time at Sutherland Farms. We had to go back to the Dr. on Monday and she has gained 19oz in 2 weeks!! I guess formula packs on the pounds. So, she weighs 10lbs 4oz. It will be fun to stand her up to the same sign next year and see how much bigger she is.
Aww, cousins. Grady and Cassidy had such a good time together. They so so good with her. Both of them fed her a bottle. It was so cute.

Mommy and baby...I just love her so much!
Chillin' in the pumpkins...what a day!