Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Patch....My favorite time of year

A fall timeline...I can't believe how she has grown over the years.  It happens right before your eyes and then you look back and realize how much time has past.

 Ignore the date on the picture...not sure what happened there.
She looks so grown up.  What a cool way to track her growth over the year.  This is one of my favorite traditions we have.
 Just a little walk with daddy....I really have to get Bruce better about snapping some pictures so there are some of me with her.
 This has to be one of my favorites.  She looks so precious.  What an amazing memory.
 Fun with Cassidy...having cousins is the best.  I am so glad they live so close.
 Cupcake and mermaid
Trunk or treat at Bruce's church.  We had a great time!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Good times

Here are a few pictures I found on my camera this weekend and just thought I would share. 
 Madelynn "watching a movie".  Not really sure what she was watching but she wanted us to sit down with her and stare at the cabinet under the sink.  She cracks me up.
 Madelynn's 1st fishing trip.  Look at that concentration.  She only lasted a few minutes but it was a lot of fun.
 Cassidy and Madelynn rolling across the living room floor one last time at Mom's house.  They had a great time. 
 One more pic in front of the house.  So many memories and good times!
 Madelynn launching herself off the couch.  She puts pillows down and then leaps.  It scares me but she loves it.  I love this picture.
GO BOBCATS!!!  Our little coaching family at the bomb fire.  Everytime Madelynn watches football - even if it is on TV - she says, "Go Bobcats! Go Boys!"  It is so cute.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thy Word is a Lamp unto my feet....

"Your word, O Lord is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens" Psalms 119:89

I received a special gift from my sister earlier this year.  She sent me my dad's Bible.  Just holding it makes me feel this little piece of him is here.  I have started to do my Bible studies out of it.  I love opening the soft pages and seeing his handwriting all over it and it is amazing.  If dad was still alive I think it might seem a little strange to read through all the notes and messages in his Bible, but now it seems like all these little messages left for me to discover. 
I grew up in a house where I knew the importance of studying the word.  I knew being a Christian was not just about going to church and doing good.  It is about having a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Well, how else do you get to know Jesus without spending time with him?  The best way to spend time with him is to be in his Word daily.  I often saw my parents reading and studying the Bible.  My dad was one of the best Bible teachers I have ever had.  I still remember him teaching the book of Revelation to our youth group - and it was wonderful.  I have always used my Bible.  I mean highlighted, written notes, marking the parts where I really knew God was talking to me.  I know some keep their Bible in pristine condition and don't think it should be written in; but I was taught to use it as a tool.  The Word of God is not just something you should read but something you dive into, whole-heartedly to get to know the Lord. 
Well, as I began to study out of my dad's Bible I saw how he truly loved the Word of God. 
"Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path" Psalms 119:105
 Not only were there notes in the margins of many pages but he had important, go-to verses written on the inside and back covers of his Bible.  He had facts and roots of Greek and Hebrew words (thanks to Pastor Bob) at the beginning of different books. 

Dad is gone and he is still teaching me about what is important.  Reading his notes inspires me and touches my life.  Seeing how he studied the Bible encourages me to get to know my Master even better. 
"I have hidden your words in my heart that I might not sin against you" Psalm 119:11
Life is not easy and God allows us to go through some difficult times.  With His words hidden in our hearts we are more likely to make the right decisions and turn to God for strength during those time.  If we fill our hearts up with his loving words they will overflow out of our mouths and through our actions. 
I am thankful for the people in my life who have encouraged me to study the Bible and have been examples of this in their own lives; my dad and mom, Sherrie Shaffer, the Buells, Pastor Bob and many more. 
I have been challenged recently by the words of my Pastor (who is affectionately call "Mar" in our house) by this quote, "You really only believe the part of the Bible that you actually do"  This really hit home when he said it and I have been trying to apply it to my life. 
 Can others tell what you believe by your actions?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I hope to return soon....

Life has been so crazy with soccer this year (thank goodness this is my last year).  I keep thinking I will have time in the evening but I just don't.  I am so tired by the time the evening comes that I just want to sit there or I am busy making dinner for the next night so we will have something decent to eat. 

Madelynn is getting so big.  It amazes me the things she says each day.  My mom has always bribed the kids with gum...this started with Grady.  They know if they give her a kiss and hug they can have gum..hey, whatever works.  So Madelynn tells me the other day, "Give me kiss, I give you gum."  Out of the mouth of babes.  We wanted her to take a bath the other night and she decided she wanted to eat dinner 1st (yes, we have problems at dinner time...it is just a product of our lifestyle) so she climbs up on the bar stool and yells back to Bruce who is in the bathroom turning on the bath, "Daddy, shut off the water I am going to eat!"  It just amazes me. 

She can be so feisty at times...well most of the time.  But she can be very sweet.  Her grandpa Hatch has been in the hospital again and she is very worried about him.  She has been asking to see him and where he is.  He is now out so she should get to see him this week.  We are working on being kind everyday.  She is around a lot of older kids and I can tell some of the things she picks up from them, but she is usually very thoughtful.  When she does something wrong she says, "Sowry charwe (sorry charlie)" and it always makes me laugh (although I think this is why she does this because then it is hard to stay mad at her). 

She is very intuitive and only has to see you do something once...so we have to be very careful.  I put a pen in my mouth in church the other day so I could get a paper out.  I looked over and there she was sitting on the chair with her legs crossed and a pen in her mouth.  My little monkey see, monkey do...

As fall approaches I can't wait to experience it with her.  She loves pumpkins and leaves.  She loves to point out the birds and butterflies and will inform you that only God can make them (thanks to her little poem she learned - I really need to video her doing it).  She knows the letter M and points it out as we drive by signs or she sees it at the house.  She is learning her letters and sounds and the Pledge of Allegiance at school.  She comes home with something new everyday.  She loves to help cook.  She helps me measure things out and she stirs (She and Lynn made "zanga" - lasagna and apple crisp the other night).  She loves to cheer for the bobcats (granted she thinks all football players are the bobcats).  Life is good, just very busy.  I will add pictures soon and more updates.  Only a few weeks of soccer left!!!!