Friday, February 12, 2010

Cassidy and the baby

Cassidy is very excited about the baby, especially now that we know it is a girl! She wanted to give the baby a kiss the other night. I bet she will be a great big cousin!

The results are in....

We had our ultrasound yesterday. It was very cool to see the baby move around and the little heart beating. It was very exciting when we found out we are having a GIRL! I can't wait. She didn't not cooperate very well and was facing towards my spine so we are going to have to have another ultrasound in a couple of months. So we didn't get very good pictures, but I will try to post one at some point. So now we get to start preparing for our baby girl!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What a great Dad!

I found this picture last night and just had to share it. What a great dad?! Wow, we really miss him. He would do anything with us, yes, even let us put curlers in his hair. He would rather be with us than anywhere in the world. Man, did his dumb jokes make us laugh. Well, I hope you all enjoy the picture. Wonder what would happen to Bruce if we have a girl.....

The Bump - Week 19

Well I decided I would take a bump picture. I keep telling Bruce we need to take pictures and we keep forgetting. So, I tried to take of of myself last night. Not much to add for this week. I still haven't felt any movement I can be sure is the baby. I have felt some strange things, but I was not sure they were the baby. Hopefully soon.